Phoenix’s Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Policy is an existing policy which had been established
since February 15, 2006 and enhanced in January 2019. This Policy had
been developed by the Managing Director when The Phoenix Press Sdn.
Bhd. (Company Registration #1723-K) at that time, embarked its journey
towards integrating its then existing Environmental Management System
to incorporate the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 Standard.

The policy has been modified in 2019 to reflect the need for integrating
environmental consciousness and mainstreaming it into the work culture
of the company. PPSB shall conduct all it’s business and activities according
to the following principles.

Protection of the environment at large, by reducing, reusing and recycling
resources, as well as protecting internal workplace environment by all
reasonable means to prevent occupational injury and ill health.

Preservation of the environment as well as a socially accountable, safe and
healthy work place, by educating, involving and encouraging participation of
all interested parties of The Phoenix Press Sdn. Bhd. (Company Registration #1723-K)

Encouraging the continuous evaluation of work practices to ensure
environmental sustainability of the company.

Surveying the work place and the environment to make sure all activities are
monitored, audited, reviewed and complied with the Standards, the current
national and other applicable legislations and requirements pertaining to
environmental conservation, pollution emissions to which The Phoenix Press
Sdn. Bhd. (Company Registration #1723-K) subscribes.

Be environmental friendly and conscious on social accountability, safety at
workplace through continual improvement of the Integrated Management
System and performances.

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