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The Phoenix Press Sdn Bhd (PPSB) ventured into complete-book manufacturing, specializing in Case Bound & Soft Bound books with the purchase of the KOLBUS integrated and fully automated hard cover book production line.

PPSB, a leading printing, publishing and packaging specialist continues its efforts to enhance productivity and quality with technological support remaining a priority. For example, the Kolbus machine is used to produce perfect bind and hardcover bound books. As added support, an eight-color Offset Printing machine with varnishing, the first of its kind in the region, was installed to complement the production of books and magazines.

The addition of this facility, further complements PPSB's already strong array of print-publishing-related services; reinforcing its goal to be a major player as a One-Stop-Shop in the print-publishing industry.



KOLBUSintegrated & fully automated hard cover book production line

"High Capacity, High Quality"

The Kolbus, a high capacity machine is deemed a new casemaker generation. Numerous innovative technologies, large product variety, high quality, speed, short make-ready time and simple handling contribute to it being a class of its own. The machine enables perfect bound, thread sealed and sewn book blocks in all standard formats.Various models of the Kolbus machines have been in use since 2003. Customer expectations are far exceeded, especially with regard to the net production results.